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                                                                                       Mandate of Dept. of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry 

Animal HusbandryDepartment for increased production of Milk, Meat and Eggs. The Departmentthrough its wide net-work is engaged actively in achieving the goal set beforeit.

To take care ofhealth, control of diseases, better breeding through cross breeding / upgradingof Livestock, fodder development for better nutrition, extension services,training programmes for weaker sections, the Department has established (5) differentcategories of Veterinary institutions such as Veterinary Poly Clinics, asreferral hospital for the entire district, Veterinary Hospitals at erst-whileTaluk Head Quarters, Primary Veterinary Centre at Mandal Head Quarters andother important villages, Sub Centre (AH) in interior villages and mobileveterinary clinics. There are (8) Veterinary Poly Clinics, (102) AreaVeterinary Hospitals, (907) Veterinary Dispensaries, (1103) Rural LivestockUnits and (100) Mobile Veterinary Clinics in the state. This forms the backbone to the Department.

There are somemore institutions like Livestock Farms, Animal Disease Diagnostic Labs,Veterinary Biological and Research Institute, Telangana State ManagementInstitute for Livestock Development (TSMILD), Sheep Development Institutions,Frozen Semen Bull Stations, District Frozen Semen Deports, Training Centres,Publicity and Extension Wing, etc. which are providing necessary inputs to the Hospitalsand dispensaries in the State.

The farmersresponse in the present days in the activities of the Department is very keen.Thus, the department is now involved in all round development of Livestock sectorto achieve the work assigned to it. There is growing demand from farmers and publicrepresentatives for establishing more Veterinary Institutions in villages whichspeaks of more awareness among public about the utility of Veterinary Servicesfor their livestock.